These are from 2019

2020 coming soon


Thursday, 10/3- 10am - 12pm

The Arabic Drum solo, broken down

Susu Pampanin

For dancers and drummers.

*Arabic drum solo formula 

*Popular drum riffs played by Arabic drummers for dancers 

*The drummer/dancer connection - how to build a strong show working together


Thursday, 10/3 - 12:30pm - 2:30pm


Amina Goodyear

Shaabi then and now from Ahmed Adaweya to today’s singers.

The music and dance of the popular class of Egypt - what the songs are about, what attitudes and steps are used and how it is evolving. This will include a history of the dance and music, the sub categories and will include a few translations of important songs. 

Thursday 10/3 - 3pm - 5pm


Leila Farid 

Technique of improvisation-practical tips on the art of improving to Egyptian music. 


Thursday, 10/3 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Awalim style with meleya

Leila Farid 

Beledy style with Melaya -an old school, sassy, fun Beledy dance that can be done with or without a Melaya. Includes Beledy and melaya technique  as well as video footage.