How to sign up to perform 

We need to do things a little differently this year.

We hope to get everyone in who would like to perform, but we have to keep a close eye on the total number of people at the festival. For this reason you will be emailing TerriAnne (Festival Producer) with your request to perform at

Your request to perform will only be considered if you include the information below. 


Subject line - Put the words, *Troupe, Solo or Duet*, depending on what you are signing up for


Body of email 


  1. Your Troupe/Duet name or your Solo name the way you want it listed in the program and on the T-shirt 

  2. The day you would like to perform (your time will be assigned to you)

  3. If you are a troupe, the number of people in your troupe. *PLEASE NOTE - You will not be able to add more to this number. 



This year registration fees are $10 per person. Our allowed numbers will be reduced and this the only way for us to make ends meet.