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Crystal Weran - Saturday, August 6th, 1:00 to 2:30


Datura Style™ Flipping Formations

This 90-minute workshop will get you dancing the basics of Datura Style™ belly dance. We will cover 3 steps

considered ‘stall steps’, two ‘flip steps’ that will change our position and leader, and how to reposition the

formation of the dancers when we flip from one dominant side to the other dominant side. 

This workshop is geared towards dancers of all levels, no previous Datura Style™ experience is necessary!

Crystal is a Datura Style™ dancer, Massage Therapist, and student of Yoga Therapy based in Alberta, Canada

who is passionate about helping women find healing from trauma through community, dance, music, yoga,

meditation and breathwork. Datura Style™ belly dance is an opportunity to feed both the left and right sides of your brain – where structure and freedom come together to create a beautiful and new tapestry of movement every time you dance. You can find more information about classes, workshops, training and events at


Kaeshi Chai – Saturday, August 6th, 3:00 to 4:30


Contemporary Belly Dance Fusion

Explore how contemporary and belly dance can be fused to create graceful lines that will increase your dynamic

expression through technique drills, traveling floor patterns and dynamic stationary combinations. 

KAESHI CHAI is a bicoastal (NYC and Bay area) artist expressing herself through movement (dance, pilates, yoga),

llustration, graphic and motion design as well as percussion. She co-founded the professional dance company

and school, Bellyqueen, PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment), a global community focused on healing and social

change through dance and music. She hastaught / performed in 47 states and 39 countries and is an alumni

member of theBellydance Superstars, Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution and Kenji William’s Bella Gaia. Kaeshi curates

the Djam NYC event for dancers and musicians to create and play together. Current projects include the

Becoming - Exploring Identity show, Nature Stories, integrating art and science to create more environmental

awareness, and Creative Labs in which participants conceptualize, choreograph and mount full-length theatrical dance shows in 3  to 4days.

Shannon Burla– Saturday, August 6th, 5:00 to 6:30 


Sword Magick: Technique

Delve into Shannon's magical world of sword dance: technique and drills, influences and inspiration 

pulling from a deep connection to art, nature, spirit, and all things in between. Students will also get

the opportunity to create something beautiful and meaningful together as a group. 

SF Bay Area dancer Shannon Burla is inspired by the seasons and by the crossroads and mist and

wildflowers.She is a certified Bohemian Bellydance Foundations Instructor, company member of Jill Parker's Little

Egypt Dance Company, and director of her own theatrical dark fusion company, The Dancers of Nyx


Elizabeth Strong - Sunday, 11:00 to 12:30


Turkish Roman Dance 

​Step by step breakdown of movements from feet to hips to arms, tips on stylization, rhythm breakdown, 

Combinations and choreography.

Elizabeth Strong is a San Francisco Bay Area dancer, choreographer, and teacher whose work focuses on the

integrity and spirit of traditional dance forms inside of a contemporary framework. Elizabeth was a touring

member of Bellydance Superstars, and was a founding member of Bellydance Evolution and of Beats Antique’s

dance company with Zoe Jakes. A former principal member of Katarina Burda’s Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company,

Elizabeth has traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and Bulgaria tostudy closely at the source

and is now considered one of the leading experts in the form. She performs with live music groups including Kugelplex, MWE, Brass Menazeri, and Fishtank Ensemble, and renowned world musicians including Faisal Zeidan and Rumen Sali Shopov. Elizabeth has had original choreographies commissioned by Jill Parker and Jillina Carlano, and has received grants from Zellerbach Foundation and from Bill Graham Presents Foundation. Her Turkish Roman instructional DVD was released in 2011. Elizabeth currently teaches and performs internationally. Find Elizabeth (and her DVD) at


Nicole  Maria- Sunday, August 7th, 1:00 to 2:30


Veil Work

Veil work is one of the most ethereal and mesmerizing aspects of bellydance. Nicole Maria, known for her

elegant and musical veilwork, will be sharing her favorite tips on mastering your veil and having it become an

extension of your body. A variety of combinations will be taught to express an array of moods and possibilities

of dancing with the veil.  Please bring your own veil. A rectangular 3-yard silk veil is ideal for this workshop.  

​Nicole Maria is a multi-award winning dancer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been studying

and performing contemporary and traditional forms of Arabic dance for over a decade. In 2019, she was a

featured solois tin the prestigious an Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. She currently teaches and performs as a

solo dancer and in various SWANA (South West Asian/North African) dance companies throughout the Bay Area.

Nicole received degrees in Cultural Anthropology and World Music from San Francisco State University in 2009.

She has always been interested in the intersection of culture and dance and the study of dance in its sociocultural context. As a performer, she is interested in portraying both contemporary and traditional forms of Middle Eastern dance as well as dances from Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans.


Basinah – Sunday, August 7th, 3:00 to 4:30


Golden Era Style

 Join Basinah in person for a "Golden Era" style dance workshop. Your toolkit for vintage style Raqs

Sharqi from 1940-1970 Cairo, Egypt. 


Golden Era with Basinah:

This workshop will cover dance steps that we already know and love, and show you how to transform them for "Golden Era" style. With inspiration from dancers like Taheya Karioka, Namia Akef, Kity, and Samia Gamal, we will break down common steps, adding Golden Era flair as we go. By the end of the class, you will have lots of inspirational elements to play with and incorporate into your repertoire.


Basinah Bio:

Basinah is a multiple award-winning performer, choreographer, and instructor from San Francisco, California. A lifetime dancer, she has studied tahitian, hula, hip hop, step, tap, and ballet, all in addition to her love- Belly Dance. Her studies have taken her all over the world to share in this beloved art form, mostly Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and American Cabaret styles. Her journey has taken her deeper into the history of Raqs Sharqi. She has been dazzled by the beautiful dancers of the “Golden Era”, specifically focusing on 1940-1970 in Cairo, Egypt.


She has been a long time lover of Sirens Fest and is delighted to be joining the festival again as an instructor. She was the "Solo Cabaret" competition first place winner in 2015 and workshop instructor in 2021.


See her on her website:

Facebook: Basinah Raqs Sharqi

Instagram: @BasinahDances