Leila Farid, Beledi - Friday, August 6th, 6pm to 7:30pm 

($45.00 each)

Beledi - 1 1/2 hours.

Beledi is the beating heart of Egyptian music. We will uncover how to tell your own story while

remaining true to the style and traditions of beledi. The class will include some musical analysis and

techniques of improvisation.


Leila Farid - Saidi for Women - Saturday, August 7th, 2pm to 3:30pm 

($45.00 each)

Saidi for Women - 1 1/2 hours

“Upper Egypt singing and dancing never included women. We have nothing against women but this

has always been the tradition, “ said Abdel-Hadi, a Saidi musician, in an article for Arab Weekly.

Given this, how do we as women dance Saidi? We will explore Saidi dance for women and how women

have made their mark in a cultural art-form that was traditionally only for men.


Leila Farid, Choreography – Sunday, August 9th, 10am to 11:30am  

($45.00 each)

Choreography - 1 1/2 hours

This class will cover an Egyptian style choreography. It will include steps, transitions, a short breakdown of the musical genre’ and lyric translations.  

​Leila was one of the most popular working dancers in Cairo for 13 years.  While in Egypt she

performed for parties, dignitaries, and weddings in Egypt and throughout Europe and the Arabian

Gulf.   She also danced continuously for Nile cruises, in the best hotels and concerts on television. 

Leila is also a well-known actress and model and is a recognizable personality throughout the

Middle East being involved in hundreds of TV show, music videos, commercials and films. 

Jill Parker – Sunday, August 8th, 2pm to 3:30pm (15) 

($45.00 each)

Luxury - An Exploration of Embodiment

With a focus on the concept of balancing effort and ease in the body, you will slow down,

finding a satisfying depth of movement. Through drills which build into combinations Jill will

help you explore the concept of languid embodiment. The ultimate goal here is to find a space

for true luxurious expression far beyond the steps themselves. Delivery of this subject matter

is one of Jill's super powers. Come see what all the fuss is about!


Known the world over as a pioneer in tribal fusion belly dance, Jill Parker considers herself a

lifelong student and lover of belly dance. Over 3 decades Jill has developed and honed a masterful delivery method that truly facilitates breakthroughs in dancers of any skill level. She is a generous teacher with a rare gift for demystifying this sensuous form, meticulously and effectively breaking complex movements down to their essentials, making its technique, nuances and a more fluent embodiment accessible.  Jill is now offering a comprehensive training program: Alchemy - The craft, science, and sorcery of belly dance with Jill Parker.  www.jillparkerbelllydance.org

Basinah – “Golden Era” style, Sunday, August 8th, 12pm to 1:30pm 

($45.00 each)

Basinah is a multiple award-winning performer, choreographer, and instructor from

San Francisco, California. A lifetime dancer, she has studied tahitian, hula, hip hop, step, tap,

and ballet, all in addition to her love- Belly Dance. Her studies have taken her all over the

world to share in this beloved art form, mostly egytpitan and american cabaret styles. Most

recently, her fascination has been on “Golden Era” style, vintage styling from 1940-1970

Cairo, Egypt. She has been a long time lover of Sirens Fest and is delighted to be joining the

festival as ank instructor. She was the "Solo Cabaret" competition first place winner in 2015.

See her on her website: www.basinahdances.com Facebook: Basinah Raqs Sharqi

Instagram: @BasinahDances 


Susu Pampanin, Drumming – Sunday, August 8th, 4pm to 5:30pm 

($45.00 each)

Workshop Title: Middle Eastern Percussion This workshop will allow you to learn basic sounds and

techniques used for playing drums in the Arab style. We will work together on rhythms used in

popular and folk dance music of the Middle East. No previous experience with drums necessary.

Materials you need to bring: your own hand drum (tabla) (dumbek) About the Instructor:

Susu Pampanin has explored and studied all types of percussion instruments and styles of music,

and her incredible talent is especially evident in her work in Middle Eastern drumming. Susu is

well known for her virtuosity in Arab drumming and is one of the few female Middle Eastern

drummers highly respected by the professional Arab music community. She also has a solo drum

CD, "Hands of Time". 

Susu's talent and passion for percussion and rhythm enabled her to create an innovative style

and sound, uniquely her own. In 1991, ‘Susu and The Cairo Cats, Dancing Drums, Live at the

Giza Club’ was released. The recording featured her drum compositions and drum solos. Through this work, she became known internationally for her virtuosity in Arabic drumming. 


Elizabeth Strong, Sword - Friday, August 6th, 4pm to 5:30pm 

($45.00 each)

Learn a fun and accessible choreography, along with some good tips and tricks for dancing standing

and on the floor with a sword (or other prop). Elizabeth will teach moves that look great with the sword and show ways

to make your moves and transitions smooth, as well as give advice for strengthening so you can dance safely. 

*Bring a sword if you have one! If not, a book or something that balances easily on your head will do.

You can also wear a headband to prevent slipping.

*Knee pads are recommended if you plan to practice floor work (simple volley ball knee pads are inexpensive and

work great).


Elizabeth Strong is a Bay Area based dancer, choreographer and dance ethnologist who is passionate about tradition and

finding ways to relate these roots to our lives and art today. She currently teaches Turkish Roman dance, finger cymbals and Folkloric Belly Dance and is loving learning more about Greek circle dance. You can study with Elizabeth weekly on Zoom or in Berkeley, CA. Find out more at strongdancer.com

Elizabeth and Dan and Susu, Live Musicality - Saturday, August 7th, 4pm to 5:30pm 

($45.00 each)

Join Elizabeth Strong, former Bellydance Superstar and Emmy Award winning musician, Dan Cantrell AND world class Middle Eastern percussionist Susu Pampanin for a deep dive into musicality. Learn how you can shape your dance, improvise more freely, and feel confident and comfortable dancing to live music. Come enjoy a safe and inviting space to dance to live music!


If you've got some basics and you're ready to develop your artistry, then this is the workshop for you!

Dan Cantrell's compositions for film and television have earned him numerous awards including an

Emmy Award for KQED’s Home-Front,a Golden Gate award for the soundtrack to the documentary

Divided Loyalties, and an Annie nomination for his work on three seasons of Cartoon Network’s the

Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

His Orchestral music was recently featured by the Oakland Symphony, and his chamber music was

performed at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the arts, and in Washington DC’s Kennedy Center. 

Dan also recently composed a suite of choral music performed by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir

as part of their yearly concert series.